Reversing the trend

After working with children for over 20 years we’ve seen that steady decline into more sedate lifestyles, reliance on convenience or fast food and a general increase in the number of children who are overweight or becoming obese.

Currently 30% of UK children are overweight bordering on obese and 90% of obese teenagers will never revert back to a healthy weight.

This is not good for the children and in the future when these children become adults they will likely be a drain on the National Health Service and also raise equally unhealthy children of their own.

Something has to be done for the sake of our children and it seems that no matter what initiatives the government instigate to help parents help their children the  trend marches on relentless.

It’s more than just exercise these children need it’s a whole new outlook on life. With this in mind Peak Leisure Innovations are in the process of setting up for want of a better term “From FAT to FIT kid’s clubs”. Now, these are nothing new, but, there doesn’t seem to be any here in North Wales at the moment.

These camps will endeavor to educate young people in a broad spectrum of healthy  lifestyle choices, from providing accessible sports and activities, basic cooking skills, nutritional advice and much more. They will be provided during school holidays and children will be occupied undertaking all manner of exercises, cooking healthy meals for themselves and their families and undertaking educational classes on how to live a healthier lifestyle. We hope to incorporate some family cooking activities too as we think the root of poor food choices might be as simple as the lack of cooking skills parents currently have.

Eventually, we hope to roll these camps out as an after-school club option too, so, busy parents can be assured that their children are eating healthy “home cooked” food even when it’s not prepared at home.