Schools and Youth Organisations

Climbing is a fantastic activity to help develop confidence, co-ordination, fitness, self esteem, team work, leadership and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

With specially designed session plans it also provides the opportunity for many aspects of the National Curriculum to be met at Key Stages 1, (Foundation Phase in Wales) 2, 3 and 4 within the following subjects: Physical Education, Information and Communication Technology, Citizenship, Science and Personal Social Health & Education.

With over 25 years in the school and youth outdoor activity sector Peak Leisure Innovations will provide you with the finest instruction and understanding of pupils, teachers' and leaders' needs.

Holiday Providers

Ideal for all holiday providers, including holiday parks, hotels, activity centres, and campsites.

Climbing can be offered as part of your existing activity provision, or as a sole activity attraction. Use of the wall is also ideal for promotional and sales events drawing attention from all who pass by.

Offered as part of our unique package the regular use of our wall and professional instruction on many holiday parks provides additional weekly income for the park and has proven to increase both provision and value to existing owners and provides excellent marketing potential and brochure highlights for future sales to both owners and the holiday rental market.

To aid in maximizing the potential revenue for you as part of your activity programme we work with you to ensure the maximum take up is achieved by offering a fully supported marketing and sales strategy and provide booking procedure paperwork and staff training to ensure knowledgeable sales staff.

Corporate and Event Hire

By incorporating our climbing wall and professional instruction into your event you will add an amazing visual attraction that draws in crowds and offers enjoyment for participants and spectators alike.

Ideal for organised challenges, fundraising events, promotional events, sporting events, festivals, concerts, birthday parties, weddings and all manner of attractions where people are present and you want to gain that competitive edge and stand out.

Country Shows and Festivals

Offering a stunning visual attraction, which never fails to provide enjoyment to participants and spectators alike. The addition of our mobile climbing wall at country shows and festivals offers something that little bit extra special and very memorable.

Using our auto-belay system we provide safe climbing with the emphasis on maximum participation in a fun environment. Ideal for all ages from 4 years and above. We help create fantastic family memories that last a lifetime.

Birthdays and Reunions

Celebrate a birthday or reunion in style with the height of entertainment and the spirit of adventure. A climbing themed party is fantastically different to the run of the mill party. Available from as little as 1 hour to a whole day a climbing wall party will be the pinnacle of the year and will provide photo opportunities and amazing memories to last a lifetime.

Team Building

Having a team that works well together increases morale, performance, productivity, success and income. Climbing improves team dynamics and cohesion by placing people outside of their normal comfort zones while being both physically and emotionally supported by their colleagues. This is especially useful for reinvigorating a complacent or recently disrupted team or ideal for gelling a newly formed team or project task force.

Using climbing as the basis for a teamwork activity. All participants will receive an initial safety briefing followed by instruction in correct and safe belaying and climbing techniques. Following the instructional period participants work in small teams. Each participant will both belay their colleagues on the wall and in turn be belayed themselves while climbing.

The success of each participant when climbing will depend on clear and concise communication, trust, problem solving and positive encouragement from the other team members.

Climbing is also ideal for rewarding a team as it allows success to be celebrated as a whole. When used as a reward activity the auto-belay devices can be used which eliminates the requirement of learning how to belay.